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MorningStar + Justin Hartley

To inspire meat eaters to make room on their grills for MorningStar Farms’ newest lineup of veggie and vegan burgers, we enlisted the help of This Is Us star, Justin Hartley and some powerful influencers.

Acting as a special guest at an exclusive dinner party in partnership with EatWith, we invited Justin to surprise attendees and eat a delicious meal of MSF. Captured content helped us create a delightful video for the brand and broadcast.

Additionally we tasked influencers with creating a “grill-scape” of their beautiful veggie bounty + the veggie burgers. It trended briefly on IG.

Scriptwriter, on-site creative direction, and brand copywriter.

Art director: Stacey Randolph

See it in the real world:


Just Jared


Daily Mail

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