It's a Mag, Mag World

Pick Your Poison

What people have “said” about me:

Obsessed with the apocalypse...fantastic for office morale and stock-piling staplers.
— Someone's aunt
Good ideas. GREAT self-deprecation.
— FedEx delivery guy
Cool pants. Less cool hats.
— Roland Stoned
Impressive AND impressionable.
— Bodega owner
*After 2 AM on the third Wednesday of every month for 22 minutes.
— Former colleague
Hair like a rat’s nest.
— 2nd grade teacher
One of the quietest snackers I’ve ‘never’ heard.
— Anna Wintour
Forgets to drink water LIKE A PRO.
Not as skilled in accents as she thinks she is.
— My mother


For more than my insta-PIXXX, let’s chat. I’m great on the phone (just ask the telemarketers that call me on the reg/the managers at Comcast!!!)